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Monday, January 16, 2012

British Armoured Cars in Dublin Castle, Ireland, circa 1920.


  1. I have two more photo of this scene from different angles. There is another Jeffery quad and a leyland workshop, also the little car in front I belive is a Renault with a Vaxhaul on the left

  2. Thank you very much for your remarks about non-armored vehicles.
    I revisited your blogs and I think is very interesting and useful for the armored car enthusiasts who visit this blog.

    Jose Luis Castillo


  3. Hello again Jose Luis Castillo

    What system to you use for colouring in the photos their very good


    1. Hello friend,
      Thanks for your comment. I use to repair and colored the pictures an old version of Adobe Photoshop that I use years ago and I know pretty well. Only good pictures are obtained good results (as in the case of the

      Dublin Castle), unfortunately the great pictures of armored cars of that era quite scarce.


      Jose Luis Castillo

      Hola amigo,
      gracias por tu comentario. Yo utilizo para arreglar y colorear las fotos una vieja versión de Adobe Photoshop que utilizo desde hace años y creo conocer bastante bien. Sólo con buenas fotos se obtienen buenos

      resultados (como es el caso de la del Castillo de Dublín), por desgracia las buenas fotos de coches blindados de esa época escasean bastante.

      Un cordial saludo,

      José Luis Castillo