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Thursday, March 28, 2013

German Partly-Armored Anti-Aircraft Truck (4x4) Daimler-Krupp 7.7-cm (K-Flak). G1353. Ca. 1916.


  1. same as the photo G1455.: Ehrhard-Kraftwagen 14_77mm Rheinmetall L/27C

  2. Hello Friend "zdesko"

    I appreciate the comment, but this is not a matter of opinion. Certainly this is a Semi-Armored Antiaircraft Daimler (4x4) Truck with 7.7-cm Krupp cannon (K-Flak) and therefore is not the similar German antiaircraft tandem formed by Ehrhard & Rheinmetall.


    Jose Luis

    Jose Luis Castillo


    Hola amigo "zdesko"

    Te agradezco el comentario, pero ésta no es una cuestión opinable. Ciertamente se trata de un Camión Semi-blindado Antiaéreo Daimler (4x4) con cañón Krupp 7.7-cm (K-Flak) y por lo tanto no es el similar tandem antiaéreo alemán formado por Ehrhard & Rheinmetall.


    Jose Luis

    José Luis Castillo

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