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Monday, September 26, 2011

Daimler-Krupp Anti-Aircraft Gun Carrier Model 1911 (BAK) (Krupp 7.7-cm L/30) (Before WWI).

Daimler Plattformwagen Ausführung 1911 mit Krupp 7,7-cm. L/30. (leichte Kraftwagen-BAK)

Daimler-Krupp Anti-Aircraft Gun Carrier (Krupp 7.7-cm L/30 B.A.K.) Model 1911- Improved Version.

This is the version improved of the model Daimler-Krupp of 1910. The original barrel 7.1-cm L/30, was rectified up to 77-mm. The chassis Daimler of 1910 was changed into the new chassis of 1911 (probably remodeled in 1912-13). Also the top grids of the engine changed for an armored hatch of access to the same one. Two headlights were added and and also a small additional armor on the sides of the box gun. The photo No.1 in Germany, probably in 1913. Photo No.2 in France, probably in 1914 (*). 


(*) In the front back of a photograph belonging to the latter vehicle, recently appeared on the Internet, can be read, and transcribe literally from German: 

Motor-Ballonabwehr-Geschütz am Ostausgang von Damvillers nach Romagne sous-les - Côtes am 12.4.1915 --- 20Km nördlich Verdun. [Sic]

Motor-Balloon Defense Gun at the east exit of Damvillers after of Romagne sous-les Côtes on April 4, 1915 --- 20Km north of Verdun. 

In view of these new data, we can locate, this "old" German anti-aircraft vehicle, during the first days of April 1915, at a distance of 20 km from the Fortress of Verdun, probably providing antiaircraft coverage to the German heavy artillery, what a year before the famous battle of 1916, bombarded the defenses of Verdun.



 (*) En el anverso de una fotografía perteneciente a éste último vehículo, aparecida recientemente en la Red, se puede leer, y trascribo literalmente del alemán: 

Motor-Ballonabwehr-Geschütz am Ostausgang von Damvillers nach Romagne sous-les - Côtes am 12.4.1915 --- 20Km nördlich Verdun. [Sic] 

Cañón-Motor de defensa Anti-Globos en la salida este de Damvillers, después Romagne sous-les Côtes el 12/04/1915 --- 20 kilometros al norte de Verdún. 

A la vista de estos nuevos datos, podemos ubicar, a este "viejo" vehículo antiaéreo alemán, durante los primeros días de abril de 1915, a una distancia  de 20 Km. de la Plaza Fuerte de Verdún, probablemente proporcionando cobertura antiaérea a la artillería pesada alemana, que un año antes de la célebre batalla de 1916, bombardeó las defensas de Verdún.

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