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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pipe Armored Car (Belgian Improvised Armored Car, 1914). (WWI).


  1. This is very cool! Do you know where these Belgian photos are from? Because I'd love to see higher res ones for details. I'm interested in the cars, but what caught my eye in particular were the uniforms of the men in the top right photo, which I'd love to see close up.

  2. This Pipe was the first armored car was built in Belgium. In the foreground, Lieutenant Henkart (+ 5, September 1914), and standing on the car, holding a revolver, Prince Baudouin de Ligne (+ 9, September 1914). Both died from injuries received when he fell with their armored cars, in an ambush laid by the Germans in Zammel, near Westerloo. With this data, you'll find out more about both characters.


    Jose Luis

    Este Pipe, fue el primer coche blindado que se construyó en Bélgica. En primer plano, el Teniente Henkart ( + 5, Septiembre 1914), y de pié sobre el vehículo, empuñando un revolver, el Principe Baudouin de Ligne ( + 9, Septiembre 1914). Ambos fallecieron a consecuencia de las heridas recibidas, al caer con sus coches blindados en una emboscada tendida por los alemanes en Zammel, cerca de Westerloo. Con esto datos, podrás indagar más sobre ambos personajes.


    José Luis