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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

German Daimler-Krupp 7.1-cm Anti Aircraft Gun Carrier M1910

Gepanzerter Daimler, Vierräderantrieb, 70 PS Mercedes-Motor, Abwehrgeschütz von Krupp.

Krupp Patent in England.
Published in the magazine "The Commercial Motor" on January 11, 1912.
An Automobile Gun Carriage- Krupp, A.G.—No. 21,770 of 1911
Krupp, A.G.—No. 21,770 of 1911, dated under International Convention 6th December, 1910.—In this specification there is described an automobile carrying a pivot gun, and the invention relates to the special arrangement of the platform for the gun and the connection of a securing device for the gun with a securing device for the platform. The pivot stand of the gun is rigidly connetted to the frame of the vehicle. A forked-shaped upper carriage is rotatably mounted in the pivot stand by means of ball hearings and a vertical pivot pin. The frame of the carriage also carries on ball bearings a platform for the gun which is provided with an armoured shield with suitable means of access to the platform. Ammunition compartments are situated on both sides of the gun. Mechanism is provided for securing the muzzle of the gun so that in ordinary travelling the strain is taken off the training and pointing gear. Various details are described and illustrated in the specification. A generalarrangement drawing is reproduced below.

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