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Monday, January 14, 2013

German Daimler Self-Propelled Krupp 75-mm L/35 Anti-Aircraft Gun. Model 1908.


  1. Unless you’re fastidious about your car’s interior, it’s usually the last thing on your cleaning list. As the months roll by, grime, wrappers, dust and junk can just pile up.

    1. No doubt, especially in war missions, exterior cleaning of the vehicle must not be one of the essential tasks of the crew. The interior cleaning was a different matter.
      In this case, the photograph of the Daimler-Krupp Model 1908 series belongs to those undertaken "field" to present the vehicle to the press and potential customers.
      Given this circumstance, and to be a 4x4 vehicle that circulated slowly over wet ground, I suppose it should not have been spotted excessively.

      Jose Luis Castillo

      Sin duda, y especialmente en misiones de guerra, la limpieza exterior del vehículo no debía de ser una de las tareas esenciales de la tripulación. La limpieza interior ya era otra cuestión.
      En este caso, la fotografía del Daimler-Krupp Modelo 1908 pertenece a la serie de las tomadas "sobre el terreno", para la presentación del vehículo a la prensa y a los posibles clientes.
      Dada esta circunstancia, y al tratarse de un vehículo 4x4 que circuló despacio sobre un terreno mojado, supongo que éste no debería de haberse manchado excesivamente.

      José Luis Castillo