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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thornycroft Anti-Aircraft Gun Carrier (QF 13-pdr Mk IV AA Gun), British 99th Anti-Aircraft Section, Salonika, Greece, 1916.

Thornycroft and Peerless trucks with QF 13-pdr Mk IV Anti-Aircraft Guns

Six guns of this model were manufactured by the Elswick Ordnance Company in 1914. With them formed three anti-aircraft sections of two pieces each. The guns were mounted on British Thornycroft trucks type 'J' of three tons (the 14 th and 99 th sections) and on U.S. trucks Peerless of four tons (a section deployed in Egypt).


Camiones Thornycroft y Peerless con cañones antiaéreos QF 13-pdr Mk IV

Seis cañones de este modelo fueron fabricados por la Elswick Ordnance Company en 1914. Con ellos se formaron tres secciones antiaéreas de dos piezas cada una. Los cañones se montaron sobre camiones británicos Thornycroft tipo 'J' de tres toneladas (la 14ª y la 99ª secciones) y sobre camiones estadounidenses Peerless de cuatro toneladas (una sección desplegada en Egipto).

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