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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finnish Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat Armored Cars, Helsinki, 1920 (After WWI).

Finnish Armored Cars Armstrong-Whitworthr-Fiat
Finnish Civil Guard Detachment Parade, District of Helsinki, 1920.
In 1918, these ex-Russian armored vehicles were captured to the Soviets by the Finnish White Army, in the cities of Tampere and Viipuri (now Vyborg, Russian city).


Coches Blindados Finlandeses Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat
Desfile del Destacamento de la Guardia Civil Finlandesa del Distrito de Helsinki, 1920.
En 1918, estos coches blindados ex-rusos fueron capturados a los soviéticos por el Ejército Blanco Finlandés, en las localidades de Tampere y Viipuri (actualmente Víborg, ciudad rusa).

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